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Road Transport Solutions

Road transport is at the heart of our industry and makes up a large component of the services we offer. As an experienced trucking company, GEODIS' Road Transport Solutions offer qualified drivers, a fleet of vehicles, and a charter network to guarantee flexibility, responsiveness, and high capacity transportation. From standard to more personalized solutions, we aim for operational excellence, and we put your deadline and cost constraints first.

GEODIS is a recognized expert in the transportation of full and partial loads. We use our network of agencies and our large fleet of vehicles to carry your bulk, packaged, temperature-controlled, and hazardous products. We have more than 9,000 listed partners who work hard to provide you with the available resources while respecting your time restraints and budget. We therefore offer several transportation options. See details

GEODIS offers a wide range of overland transportation services for packaged or bulk loads to facilitate the outsourcing of your logistical processes. These services include cross-docking, storage, inventory management, on-site logistics, order processing, pre- and post-manufacturing operations, reception, quality control, customs clearance, just-in-time management and delivery, and outsourcing of your container fleet. See details

GEODIS offers customized services for all of your regional journeys under 500 km. Our strong local presence and large fleet of vehicles allow us to respond quickly to your transportation needs, whatever product or activity sector is involved. Whether you need to deliver your goods to a construction site, use our vehicles, or ensure delivery rounds, our teams are at your service. See details

We invest in the development of our groupage network, both domestic and international. We transport goods in Europe in cooperation with reliable Partners in 41 countries within the scope of international groupage network service. In Poland through an efficiently operating groupage network, based on 21 optimally located terminals, GEODIS Road Network offers 24h delivery of shipments. See details

GEODIS employee preparing truck

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