Pallet and Parcel Transport

Need fast and high-quality transport of single and multi-package shipments? Our unique parcel and pallet network delivers goods in 24/48 hours.

Our unique European network. Your competitive edge.

Transport parcels or a few pallets, securely and quickly with GEODIS.

Here is how our ever-growing groupage network of domestic and international carriers can help:

  • Our local drivers collect single and multi-package shipments from you (and others).
  • Our agencies group freight into full truckloads and send them to destination postcodes.
  • Our local team unbundles and delivers each package separately to your ultimate consignees.

GEODIS’ flexible pick-up times and operational efficiency are a big bonus. And our best-in-class tools simplify shipment management.

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    Choose a reliable pallet & parcel network

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    Enjoy superior service quality

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    Avail flexible transport timelines

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    Leverage tailor-made solutions

Reliable and parcel network

Choose a reliable pallet & parcel network


  • Enjoy operational efficiency with standardised processes


  • Monitor shipments with real-time tracking and tracing


Geodis courier services

Enjoy superior service quality


  • Place your trust in this ISO 9001, QSE, and OEA certified solution


  • Meet regulated commodities compliance guidelines


  • Benefit from GEODIS’ long-standing transport & logistics expertise



of customers satisfied with our service (Ipsos survey, June 2022)

Flexible Transport Solutions

Avail flexible transport timelines


  • Avail our Saturday-delivery service (optional)


  • Benefit from our real-time track & trace feature and delivery notifications

Leverage tailor-made solutions


  • Transport dangerous goods with GEODIS, thanks to our 100+ years of experience


  • Avail our expertise in the highly regulated health market


  • Leverage our dedicated books distribution services


Last mile 12/24 H

This express transport solution is ideal for single and multi-package shipments (1 gram to 1 ton). Delivery guaranteed in 12 or 24 hours.

Last mile 24/48 H

Delivers small numbers of pallets or parcels in just 24 or 48 hours via an extensive groupage network.



More flexible delivery: Choose to have consignments delivered on Saturday mornings, or at any time and date agreed over the phone, to any preferred location.
More information for you and your customers​​: We offer, to you and your customers, access to real-time transport updates.
More commitment to sustainable development: Get CO2 emission data of your shipments, at your fingertips.

The future of urban logistics

In the next 10 years, urban logistics will revolve around digital infrastructures that will support sustainable last-mile solutions. Simplifying the complexity of tailor-made logistics will push the boundaries of sustainable-last mile delivery. But what are the trends? And how can you make sure your solution is optimised for your success?

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