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Express Shipping in France

Our express shipping deadlines and service quality are the result of high operational standards combined with unique network capillarity. You will benefit from shipping services of the only French express network capable of delivering to every town in France, twice daily. A delivery service for single packages under 10 kg completes the offer.

Inter Express: Single or multi-package delivery up to one ton1

Our Inter Express/Calexpress transport solution guarantees pickup and express deliveries twice a day, everywhere in France. Delivery to all types of recipients (B2B and B2C solutions) is guaranteed the next day before 1 p.m. (including Saturday mornings) to 36,000 destinations in France, and a further 200 main destinations receive delivery before 10 a.m. Same-afternoon delivery for neighboring departments is possible with a pick-up at home in the morning or a drop-off on our platform before noon.

We are a 100% express operational organization with dedicated express hubs and engines. Our processes are standardized to offer a high-level, consistent quality of service for shipments that leave our site and the handling of returns and offsite pick-ups and deliveries.

Performance is ensured down to the last mile. Our drivers are guided by a high-performance tool that guarantees real-time shipment tracking, the recuperation of proof of delivery, and the uploading of photos in the case of an inability to deliver.

Recipients can pick up their shipment at one of our 140 agencies. It is also possible to choose a delivery window precise down to the ¼ hour (30 minutes in Paris and the greater Paris area). Real-time tracking of shipments is possible on the customer website.

The following shipment conditions apply:

  • All single or multi-package shipments, up to 1 T1
  • Maximum length: 3,50 meters
  • 3 pallets or 4 m3 maximum
  • Max height: 1.80 m

Interpac: Deliveries for single packages under 10 kg

Interpac is a specialized service for urgent single-package shipments under 10 kg to all types of B2B and B2C recipients. Packages are picked up twice a day, everywhere in France. Packages picked up in the morning are delivered the same afternoon within the same department and in several neighboring departments. They are delivered the next day before 1 p.m. (including Saturday mornings) to 36,000 destinations in France, and a further 200 main destinations receive delivery before 10 a.m.

Interpac packages receive protective packaging, and their handling is prioritized and secure. Each package is tracked online individually. Pricing is simplified: by department, region, national, and/or based on real weight.

The size of Interpac packages is limited 1.1 linear meters -- the sum of all three dimensions.

1) Packages must be compatible with our equipment and means of delivery, and in compliance with regulations. For B2C traffic, please refer to our B2C solutions section for additional information about our conditions.
2) According to our delivery time chart.


Some value-added additional services are available on request. For more information about these services, please click on the following link.

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GEODIS truck parked for delivery

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