Pioneering intermodal solutions in France and Europe

GEODIS operates connected rail-road solutions that help you achieve your sustainable development objectives and secure transport capacity.

Key takeaways


2 performant rail-road solutions

  • Use the same swap body on the vehicle and the train 
  • Or transfer your load from a vehicule to a wagon via our cross-dock hub, and conversely


Shrink carbon footprint of your freight 

  • Move more goods, while expending less energy, vis à vis freight transported by just one mode over similar distances 
  • Reduce GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions, as compared to "only road" or "by air" freight 
  • Decrease noise and air pollution, and traffic-jams


Increase transportation capacity 

  • Optimise utilisation of transport assets 
  • Harness reliable capacity and routes 
  • Rely on regular schedules


Delta 3 Combined Transport Terminal Swap body Gantry crane

Up to



reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, as compared to an equivalent road transport option



operated weekly across Europe



can transport at least 40 swap-bodies

"It is not a mere pipe dream. We can do something to reduce our business’ environmental impact, while ensuring efficient and competitive transportation. By measuring and comparing the emissions generated by the different modes of transport, optimising all logistics flows, and choosing the solution with the less carbon intensive option at the right cost transport can become more sustainable."


Marc Vollet, Operational Excellence Director for European Road Network business

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