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GEODIS is a trusted, worldwide transport and logistics leader. Choose a better way to deliver cohesive customer experiences, with our end-to-end supply chain solutions.

A global team of passionate experts at your service

At GEODIS, we get it. Agile & optimized logistics offer companies a competitive edge. That is why all 49,400+ of our employees, in 66 countries, are committed to building supply chain competencies into your business. When you partner with GEODIS, you are joining hands with a global team of diverse & passionate experts. And we know exactly what it takes to sustainably tackle your delivery & logistics challenges.  


No matter how complex or unique your supply chain needs, trust GEODIS to deliver tailored solutions that put your business first. 

  • Why GEODIS
    Why GEODIS

    Best-in-class solutions

  • Why GEODIS
    Why GEODIS


  • Why GEODIS
    Why GEODIS


  • Why GEODIS
    Why GEODIS


  • Why GEODIS
    Why GEODIS


Geodis, warehouses and distribution centers

Best infrastructure. Best processes. Best information systems. That is the GEODIS promise to ensure excellence in supply chain operations & superior service quality.


  • Offers the most diverse portfolio of global transport and logistics services. 
  • Designs & implements end-to-end supply chain solutions customized to businesses in any vertical or geography. 
  • Offers global & experienced network of carriers and logistics partners.  



global leader, in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, for third-party logistics




serviced by GEODIS

Supply chain management technologies

GEODIS harnesses modern technologies to improve supply chain costs, efficiencies, and customer experiences.


  • Helps leverage digital data by smoothly integrating your legacy systems with GEOBUS, our data hub.  
  • Delivers insights that validate your strategic decisions​, using real-time supply chain tracking, advanced analytics, & dashboards.  
  • Protects your data and assets from cyber threats, by optimizing worldwide data compliance​ and global security strategy.



in-house experts

ensure customization of solutions​

Supply chain automation

Innovation is in our DNA. We are always working on new solutions that enable your supply chains to thrive.  


Here is what fuels innovation at GEODIS:  


  • Placing customers’ expectations at the heart of innovation​.  
  • Prioritizing cost efficiency, quality of service, & end-to-end real-time visibility of your supply chain. 
  • Regular monitoring & testing demand-side trends and disruptive technology to deliver increased supply chain productivity, sustainability, and accuracy.
Geodis, corporate social responsibility

GEODIS puts CSR front and center. One of our golden rules is “Be a Good Citizen”. This core vision is built around three main objectives: 

  • Decarbonize the supply chain to support the fight against climate change. 
  • Focus on the care and development of our people, our stakeholders & local communities. 
  • Oversee the management of risks in four areas: business integrity, customs, ethics, & export control. 
Value added custom logistics solutions

GEODIS’ tailored logistics solutions will help drive real business value in the following ways:


  • Increases revenue by delivering goods to new distribution channels & geographies. 
  • Enhances your working capital by optimizing inventory & helping with demand forecasting. 
  • Creates a competitive advantage with cost-effective speed-to-market solutions. 
  • Improves your business operating margins by combining optimized volume & processing time.​ 
  • Optimizes your business assets through network design, scalability, & process optimization. 



worldwide trust GEODIS

Francois Bottin

Digital technologies & sustainability: The driving forces of supply chain transformation ​ 


"New-age technologies that play a role in supply chain transformation range from automation, robotics, and sensors to self-driving technologies, advanced parcel tracking, data analytics, and machine learning and reasoning. GEODIS harnesses these technologies to support intelligent decision-making and a more sustainable logistics flow."


François Bottin, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Executive Vice President

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Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a third-party logistics partner (3PL), ensure that they have the expertise to offer supply chain logistics and transport solutions that sustainably meet the needs of your business vertical & geographies. This means the 3PL must have a global warehouse network, digital technologies that support your supply chain, and relationships with other logistics partners and carriers.

Planning, packaging, inventory control, transportation, and information and control are some of the key aspects of logistics. In today’s competitive & dynamic business environment, you need to depend on technology to optimize these logistics flows and protect your data. There is also a growing focus on green logistics, i.e. keeping the supply chain carbon emissions low.

A good logistics partner can offer specialized transport solutions & logistics solutions that enable end-to-end fulfillment. Be it reverse logistics or international shipping, they can optimize the flow of goods, data, & finances.  


A 3PL like GEODIS offers custom logistics, such as special handling of non-common goods, uber-fast delivery of items, insights for inventory decision-making, & so on. 

GEODIS’ mission is to sustainably secure customer supply chains with end-to-end logistics. Our vision is to be the #1 growth partner for your business. And to this end, GEODIS is committed to continuously innovating and passionately driving courier services operations, while building trust in our services.


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