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GEODIS’ Global Offer

The basis of our approach to earning the trust of our customers lies in understanding their needs, designing best-in-class solutions, executing them in a cohesive manner worldwide, measuring operational performance and continually identifying areas of improvement.

What we provide

Our ability to understand your needs, to design the best solutions and execute them consistently around the world sums up our GEODIS global offer. It reflects our commitment to supporting you as your growth partner.

This earns the trust of our customers as we:

  • Understand: You have unique and complex needs; we understand them.

  • Design: You need customized solutions; we design them.

  • Execute: You want operational excellence; we execute.

  • Measure: You expect a consistently high level of service; we measure it.

  • Improve: You demand continuous improvement; we innovate constantly to improve our performance.



A collaborative approach

We understand you

Listening to you is our priority, as it helps us understand your specific needs. This is the basis upon which we design effective and innovative logistics solutions.


We design together

GEODIS provides services to over 165,000 customers worldwide. We recognize that you have specific logistics needs related to your industry and we demonstrate the necessary agility to meet these needs. We design solutions that are industry-specific to help you build a competitive edge.

Aerospace and Defense

Aérospatial & Défense

When safety and reliability are critical.


Our Aerospace and Defense solutions




When just-in-time is the standard.


Our Automotive solutions


Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Grande consommation

When flexibility is the key differentiator.


Our Fast Moving Consumer Goods solutions


High Tech


When speed and time to market make the difference.


Our High Tech solutions




When differentiation is essential.


Our Industrial solutions




When consumer satisfaction is paramount.


Our Retail solutions




When regulatory compliance is mandatory.


We design our GEODIS solutions as a collaborative effort. Together, we will help you define your optimal logistics organization. Our qualified and experienced teams – and their state-of-the-art engineering, analytical and IT tools – will provide you with the most effective solution. At the same time, we can support you in achieving CSR objectives, especially when it comes to measuring the environmental impact of your supply chain and creating solutions to reduce your carbon footprint.


We execute the solutions defined together

Our core competency is the optimization of your supply chain, every step of the way. To do so, our five lines of business apply their know-how in each of their areas of expertise: Supply Chain Optimization, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express and Road Transport. We can manage all or part of the Supply Chain with our own resources or with select partners.

We measure operational performance

We manage operational performance through key indicators as part of our continuous improvement process and Total Stakeholders Satisfaction program. As a result, we are constantly developing new technological solutions, such as web portals and applications devoted to online booking, real time tracking of orders and shipping, dashboards, and event and exception management.

We continually improve our operations

We are committed to continuous improvement to achieve total customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we will raise our standards of service, reduce transit times and optimize costs. Our ambition is to streamline our processes through innovative solutions to manage your future supply chain requirements.

We are where you are

We have a large network across the world, and we continue to invest in countries where our clients are growing and where they need our know-how. Our teams’ expertise and daily involvement are what set us apart. Our international reach relies on a direct presence in +60 countries with a geographical set up that offers you a single entry point to our services. We're there where you need us. Each day, our 46,141 employees are focused on the needs of our clients as we provide these global activities across a variety of areas.

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