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Fast Moving Consumer Goods

The market for fast-moving consumer goods entails the management of large volumes and strong turnover rates for your clients. High-frequency purchasing, fluctuating volumes and constant evolution within a sector therefore require the implementation of a flexible supply chain.

GEODIS will work with you as you grow by providing expertise and flexible, innovative, and worldwide logistics solutions, no matter the location of your suppliers. Our solutions are made-to-measure, environmentally-friendly, and offer value-added services as well. We will adapt to your every need to achieve operational excellence.

Reliable tracking and alert information is, of course, essential to ensure the consistent supply of your merchandise. We therefore offer information systems and tracking tools to monitor your supply chain in real time.

Manufacturers of mass market products are currently confronted with increasingly demanding consumers and constant pressure on margins. As a response to these challenges, they have developed strategic tools such as logistical resource sharing and new technologies. GEODIS warehouses on logistics campuses offer flexible warehouse solutions that allow you to increase your sales revenue while reducing expenses. See details

With consumption in mature markets slowing down, manufacturers of consumer goods are facing new challenges: swift changes in distribution channels, the rise of the Internet, pressure on margins, and more. Tailored solutions are a vital way to address these changes. See details

GEODIS has extensive experience controlling the flow of merchandise through supply chain management. We start by managing financial and physical flows with an emphasis on visibility and traceability, and then adapt the offer to suit your specific needs. See details

Cross-border logistics requires expertise and visibility, especially when it comes to large volumes and consumer goods. Each country has its own laws, regulations and formalities, and transport must be carefully planned to avoid delays or unforeseen events. Complexity and costs increase when multimodal transport is added to the equation. When it comes to consumer products, many players and suppliers are concentrated in the same geographical area, covering several countries. While products can be made and used in the same region, they are also often shipped to different destinations.  Complex cross-border logistics must therefore be put in place to meet time, cost, and speed-to-market objectives. GEODIS handles multimodal and cross-border transport in many regions around the world, such as Europe, China and South East Asia, the USA and Mexico. We provide flow tracking from overseas warehousing in good storage conditions to global shipping operations. Thanks to our fully-integrated IT solution GeoFlow, you can keep an eye on all operations and shipments in real time. See details

When demand fluctuates dramatically, you need to be able to react quickly to get your products on the shelves. They must be available everywhere and immediately, in stores or online. Our Speed to Market offer gives our customers a flexible transport and logistics network to tackle shorter promotional operations and faster product launches. See details

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