3 women on International Women Day
3 women on International Women Day

GEODIS Marks International Women’s Day

Leading global logistics service provider GEODIS is taking the occasion of International Women’s Day to announce significant achievements in the Asia Pacific region (APAC) in attaining GEEIS* certification by both its Hong Kong and Singapore operations, along with underlining its female leadership roles in the region.


Following the Company’s commitment to diversity and particularly to ensuring professional gender equality, Hong Kong and Singapore are added to the already 15 countries, which have attained the GEEIS certification.  It is all part of GEODIS’ diversity and equal opportunity drive to promote initiatives creating a culture of diversity, equality and inclusion throughout its work environment globally. The success of these efforts is further evidenced in APAC with the existing appointments of female General Managers in both Japan and Taiwan and women constituting a third of the regional management board and 40% of the country management teams.

Such certifications demonstrate GEODIS’ proven commitment and level of resources mobilized to achieve equality in the workplace. It is an evaluation of the steering, training and communications tools implemented to work towards equal opportunities and GEODIS in both Hong Kong and Singapore have now achieved Level 3 – ‘Very good practices’.

The accreditation is assessed by one of the world’s leading certification bodies, Bureau Veritas via an audit based on nine GEEIS criteria. This allowed GEODIS to present the nature of the general social environment and culture the company maintains. 

Welcoming the news of the double certification, Onno Boots, President & CEO of Asia Pacific and Middle East said, “Diversity and inclusion are at the core of our culture, it is reflected in our policies, reinforced through our processes and evaluated through our feedback mechanisms. This is achieved via a number of internal initiatives including, our Employee Engagement Group (EEG), in particular, our highly successful worldwide GEODIS Women’s Network (GWN) and Mentorship program; the Leaders Engagement Group (LEG); an Individual Development Plan (IDP). We are proud of the developments we have made in this area because we truly believe that diversity is a rich resource that stimulates innovation and team performance.”

GEODIS is convinced that fostering diversity wherever and however it operates is a real opportunity to develop the skills of all employees which in turn improves individual and corporate performance. The latest achievements in the region are testimony to the organization’s commitment to these values throughout the GEODIS family.


*The GEEIS (Gender Equality European and International Standard) is a real management support tool and contributes to promoting gender equality in the workplace. It certifies the level of resources mobilized by the company to achieve equality at work, as well as the successful deployment of the related human resource policy.


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