The healthcare market is experiencing a global transformation. This has already led to increasingly complex supply chain issues such as globalization and concentration. And it has also brought mandatory local and regional compliance requirements.

Ongoing consolidation is prompting industry players to redefine their logistics outsourcing strategy, rationalize their warehousing footprint and further optimize their logistics transportation scheme. They are also facing an increasing digitalization trend, with new actors emerging in a changing competition landscape.


A reliable partner

Healthcare companies therefore require a reliable partner for their time-sensitive products. There is no margin of error – patients need your shipments, so they must be timely, accurate and cost-effective. This demands a provider with experience. A provider who can adapt to continuously changing compliance and quality regulations across regions and countries.

After all, you need to be confident that your shipments will arrive at their destination, supported by the right documentation. GEODIS – as a flexible logistics provider for many leading healthcare companies – excels in meeting the strict regulations across the entire healthcare supply chain.

Resilient networks

Covid-19 has increased pharmaceutical companies’ focus on risk management. They are reassessing their supply chain strategies and footprints, using techniques such as dual sourcing and geographical diversification to make their supply chains more agile and resilient to disruption.

GEODIS will work with you as you grow by providing innovative, compliant and worldwide logistics solutions, no matter where your suppliers are located. From inventory planning to climate-controlled storage and specialized transport, our value-added solutions will adapt to your every need for true operational excellence.

A collaborative approach

We use a collaborative approach to design our solutions. We’ll work with you to help define your optimal logistics organization. Then our qualified and experienced teams – and their state-of-the-art engineering, analytical and IT tools – will provide you with the most effective solution.

Healthcare logistics involves products that are critical to life. There is no room for waste. This requires a provider who knows the business, who understands the perspective of uninterrupted supply, and whose employees care about their role in the supply chain.  GEODIS has decades of experience in Healthcare logistics, ranging from pharmaceuticals (prescription drugs, generics, controlled drugs and over the counter [OTC] products) to medical devices to nutraceuticals, vaccines, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), clinical trial materials and health & beauty items. Our expert teams are trained and qualified (GMP/GDP) to meet pharmaceutical requirements for high quality performance. See details

As a long-standing partner of major Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies, GEODIS understands the issues at stake. We design our innovative global transport and logistics solutions to accommodate all strategic challenges. Our highly trained experts will help you meet the most advanced compliance requirements demanded by healthcare supply chains. The Healthcare sector also needs controlled logistics and transport, as well as state-of-the-art quality and traceability conditions. GEODIS has extensive experience in this sector, as we offer end-to-end supply chain support, solutions and added-value services that are geared to operational excellence and regulatory compliance. See details

Healthcare products require exceptional inventory control with significant nuances: Expiry management drives FEFO shipping, yet you want to ship as much of a single lot as possible. Items with serial numbers need tracking from receipt to customer, yet you need efficiency in storage. Lot numbers need to be tracked and recalls need to be executed flawlessly.  Forward deployed consignment or field inventory needs accurate inventory management and location flexibility.   GEODIS’ Healthcare product systems, processes and comprehensive inventory management are designed for visibility, control and compliance. See details

Healthcare supply chains depend on visibility. GEODIS’ technology helps customers gain full inventory visibility throughout the entire supply chain. This allows them to monitor and manage all (or critical) inbound and outbound products across all modes, whether SKU or shipment-based. GEODIS' Control Tower approach provides customers with many advantages, including: Supply chain integration with the ability to view and retrieve logistics information Increased visibility and responsiveness, enabling improved decision-making capabilities Commitment compliance: schedule, costs, quality, and improved customer satisfaction Track and Trace Direct access to temperature-controlled monitoring See details

GEODIS provides integrated door-to-door delivery every day of the year, with transparent and tailored solutions that respect Good Distribution Practice. We can deliver your products to a variety of destinations, from pharmacies, hospitals to retail outlets. Our direct delivery combined with lean and flexible supply chain solutions are key success factors in this fast-growing Healthcare market. Our thermal packaging solutions and freight containers with monitoring devices ensure that your products will be delivered at the right time and the right condition, whether you are shipping Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), vaccines, lab specimens or pharmaceuticals. We are also experienced in the critical global supply chain response to COVID-19. GEODIS built an air bridge between China and the US and China and Europe to deal with the pandemic. This helped to ensure that millions of essential workers received the masks they needed to stay safe and healthy. As early as March 2020 we were shipping PPE to workers in France. We also implemented a multimodal air-rail transportation solution between Chengdu, China and Nuremberg, Germany in May 2020 for the German government to ensure the timely delivery of 50 million gloves. See details

Healthcare supply chains have become more complex over the past years, and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) has added cost and time pressures to this complexity. Medicines must be stored, transported and handled under specific conditions, through a licensed partner. Our growing global network of Healthcare facilities ensures that your products will remain in optimal conditions during transit and storage. Our specialized Healthcare sites are secure, and specifically equipped for Healthcare products. Our facilities and transport networks are fully compliant with Healthcare quality standards and regulations, and include temperature-controlled solutions for the increasing number of products that demand this type of transport. We’ll provide you with end-to-end secured network solutions that include fully integrated IT solutions (standardized and qualified) and quality SOPs to bring added value to your supply chain. GEODIS’ dedicated turnkey logistics solutions fulfill all Healthcare company-specific requirements for competitive advantage and increased profits.  See details

The Healthcare market is constantly changing. This makes it important to take country-specific legal aspects into consideration – especially when it comes to making sure your Order-to-Cash process runs smoothly. That’s why GEODIS provides an integrated Order-to-Cash services portfolio as part of our comprehensive Healthcare supply chain solutions. We use our expertise to handle the necessary steps from point of order entry to cash receipt, including orders receipt, returns management, the invoicing process, debt collection and more. We also focus on improving net collections through better follow-up on receivables and a reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). As always, we design our solutions according to your specific needs. You can rest assured that we will always manage your customers (wholesalers, pharmacists, and hospitals) and their orders according to the rules you have set. GEODIS’ Order-to-Cash offer – we bring flexibility and optimal efficiency, while you focus on your core business. See details

GEODIS provides some of the most complex and compliant supply chain solutions around. Our enhanced capabilities support shipping into retailers, inspecting and disposing of returned products, and maintaining full visibility throughout the entire supply chain. This includes (but is not limited to) the following solutions: See details


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