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High Tech

The High Tech market is demanding, driven by innovations, and characterized by high-value products. GEODIS offers agile and secure solutions for all of your High Tech logistics operations. We provide support throughout the product value chain, from supplying components through VMI to their final recycling. We also ensure order management across all sales channels and direct deliveries to resellers or end consumers.

When it comes to our High Tech logistics, we do everything in our power to optimize speed-to-market and design track & trace solutions according to our customers' needs throughout the entire product life cycle.

When it comes to our High Tech logistics, GEODIS is committed to providing tailor-made solutions that match the value and shelf life of the products stored in our warehouses. We will will work together with you as your growth partner to define turnkey solutions that guarantee supply chain efficiency and continuously-improved operational and financial performance. See details

This supply chain management solution aims to optimize all or part of our customers’ supply chains. Some of our customers are looking to find new sources of productivity. Some need to optimize the integration of a recent acquisition. Others need to make their transportation and logistics costs more competitive. At GEODIS, we use our experts, tools and expertise to support these activities and much more. See details

Our Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) solutions apply to all of your High Tech products throughout their life cycle. Since these products have a high value and renewal rate, GEODIS offers assembly, customization, maintenance and recycling services. See details

GEODIS offers its customers end-to-end transport and logistics solutions adapted to the nature of High Tech products in terms of value, security, safety and confidentiality.  As your growth partner, GEODIS strives to be your ambassador by preserving the integrity of your products and brand through the implementation of the highest security standards throughout the supply chain. See details

GEODIS' Speed to Market offers high tech companies the flexibility of our transport and logistics networks for ever faster product launches and product life cycles. Our objectives are to optimize your inventory, select the appropriate modes of transport, and offer adaptable solutions that constantly keep in step with market expectations. See details

soldering electrical circuit with a component

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