Campus Solutions Dedicated to Sustainable Logistics

Manufacturers of mass market products are currently confronted with increasingly demanding consumers and constant pressure on margins. As a response to these challenges, they have developed strategic tools such as logistical resource sharing and new technologies. GEODIS warehouses on logistics campuses offer flexible warehouse solutions that allow you to increase your sales revenue while reducing expenses.

Campus: a multi-client logistics platform

A campus is a multi-client logistics platform, often dedicated to one specific vertical market, where we provide third-party logistics support to multiple players. Our campuses offer a complete range of value-added services for mass market products, including packaging, kitting, management of special offers, and more.

Specialized teams and facilities with scalable operations

Our logistics campuses meet the latest standards in terms of storage, co-packing, safety, environmental certifications (ICPE), and the transport of graded products. Our specialized teams and facilities are at your service in the event of high volume or urgent orders. We can also manage the scalability of your operations in the campus, all while providing start-to-finish visibility of your supply through comprehensive tracking of merchandise and deliveries. Then we'll use our global standard shipping service to to your final client while managing transport and customs formalities.

As always, you will have a single point of contact for all of these services.

Strategically located, all-inclusive logistics

Our dedicated warehouses are strategically located industrial parks around the world (near main highways) to ensure the optimal distribution of your products. GEODIS uses this approach to help make your brand more competitive by sharing time, warehousing space, and specialized staff with maximum flexibility. Our campuses are staffed by experts in the fast consumer goods sector, and can optimize all logistical means and resources to help you respond to fluctuations in demand and ensure that your products are available on the shelf.


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