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Freight Consolidation - Buyer's Consolidation

Buyer's Consolidation reduces freight costs by grouping shipments from different suppliers and sending a single invoice for multiple cargo shipments. This freight consolidation service includes the composition of one unique transport document summarizing the total number of packages, weight and volume.

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Optimized consolidation for faster delivery

Buyer's Consolidation coordinates bookings with all suppliers as forecasted by our customer. We can consolidate cargo from different suppliers at any of our facilities. We can also create and execute an optimized consolidation plan for you, resulting in faster deliveries to the destination. And we can arrange for containers to be unloaded at your final destination/store directly.

Freight consolidation: Clear information flow and visibility

When it comes to Buyer's Consolidation logistics, we place equal priority on both the optimized flow of goods and the clear flow of information. This approach to information flow management enables our customers to optimize inventory and obtain clear visibility on their products – from the time they are manufactured right up to their safe delivery in the hands of their customers.

three men smile and shake hands

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