GEODIS Countbot

GEODIS Countbot, Our Smart Inventory Solution

As stock counting is a key process for warehouses quality policy, GEODIS has codeveloped GEODIS Countbot, a smart solution combining robotics and drone technology, to perform this fastidious task easily and accurately.  

Increase your inventory reliability by simplifying stock counting 

Stock counting is a key process for warehouses quality management ensuring stock accuracy by matching both physical and digital stocks. Cycling or wall-to-wall, this physical operation is tedious, time consuming and complex to organize. These constraints not only prevent from reaching a 100% continued stock reliability but also limit the number of stock counting. With GEODIS Countbot, simplify your stock counting and increase your inventory reliability! 

A smart solution, combining robotics and drone technology 

GEODIS has joined forces with Delta Drone, specialist in professional drones. After 3 years of R&D, this unique partnership has led to the deployment of GEODIS Countbot. This patented solution is made of a telescopic mast stabilized with a drone, where cameras and intelligent sensors photograph and collect the pallet barcodes.

GEODIS Countbot is a fully automated warehouse inventory solution that brings together multiple software innovations that drive performance: 

• Smart algorithms able to detect bar codes in real time 

• Indoor pallet geolocation, no need for extra labels

• Ortophoto generation allowing the facility stock keeper to check and monitor pallets, if necessary

Using the best of drone and ground robot technology, GEODIS Counbot identifies and locates full pallets whatever your site configuration. The output allows the real-time update of your warehouse management system with reliable data.

An innovative and robust solution delivering immediate benefits 

Time savings: fully automated plug & play solution

Flexibility: optimized time and resources, as inventories may be carried out at any time

Safety: ensured safety of people and goods

Reliability: reduced risk of error through automation


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GEODIS Countbot

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