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Multimodal Transport Solutions

As a pioneer in green logistics and multimodal transportation, we use our expertise to make your logistics more sustainable. Our combined transport service offers advantages such as increased transportation capacities, reduced costs, faster transit times and a smaller carbon footprint. We guarantee seamless, flexible and secure operations, even when shipping large volumes. 

Our waterway and maritime solutions offer very concrete economic and operational benefits such as the transportation of oversized goods, the circumvention of movement restrictions in large cities, and even expedited arrival at port hubs. Our approach offers very competitive rates for goods that are able to cope with longer shipping times or storage time at the port of departure/arrival. See details

GEODIS' China-Europe Rail Service is designed to overcome the timing and cost challenges of transporting goods between China and Europe. The service's high security standard make rail logistics solutions between China and Europe a true alternative to traditional transport modes. The approach also benefits from significant investments in rail infrastructure. See details

GEODIS is the French leader in combined Rail-Road Transport. We are also the only carrier to offer three alternative means of production for road transport for covering distances over 500 km. Our solutions target economic, operational and environmental performance through high-volume loading, continuous operation, accident risk reduction and CO₂ emissions. Multimodal transportation also offers many benefits in terms of productivity and reliability. See details

GEODIS containers

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