three employees show growth charts

Transport Re-engineering and LEAN Management

GEODIS' re-engineering expertise is based on three pillars: a certified methodology, technical experts and software support tools. We use a collaborative and transparent approach to accurately discuss improvement plans with our customers. Then we target key areas of work that favor operational excellence in terms of safety, quality, performance, productivity and reporting.

Increased productivity guaranteed

We constantly aim for operational excellence and provide you with proof of the effectiveness of our methods. Previous customers have benefited from this approach as we identified more than 70 supply chain tasks that lacked added value, found an error rate divided by four during cross-docking operations, achieved 30% faster product flows, and more.

A commitment to continuous improvement

Our 'Lean' approach improves logistical processes and targets maximum value creation for our customers. We guide this approach of sustainable change in a variety of areas: a total redesign of the supply chain, a reorganisation of transports in distribution or even improved efficiency of a site’s transport unit.

A dedicated team of LEAN engineers

At the heart of our research department lies a team of certified experts in supply chain management as well as black belt and green belt specialists. All are proficient in Lean Management tools: VOC (Voice of Customer), VSM, DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyse-Improve-Control), Kaizen projects, 5S approach, change management, and standard indicators.

A detailed analysis of your processes

We conduct detailed and targeted audit and consulting tasks that can be entered into the framework of a transport and logistics contract. This identifies areas of improvement that then become the subject of progress plans that we institute with your teams.

three employees show growth charts

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