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Heavy lift services

GEODIS' Project Logistics team introduced Super Heavy Transport services to meet market demands for heavy lifting and complicated projects. In fact, we are the first freight forwarding company in the industry to offer these specific capabilities to customers. The service is particularly designed for projects that include single cargo weights of over 800 tons combined with other project logistics challenges, such as out-of-gauge equipment, extreme weather conditions and lack of destination infrastructure.

Heavy lift services: A tailored, risk-averse approach

First, we offer a complete all-in-one package with a single point of contact involving just one counterpart from the supplier’s side and one from the customer side. Second, the service leverages GEODIS’ years of proven methodologies and expertise to help customers reduce and control risk. And third, it is the first comprehensive service like this on the market that can be tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Single-solution package

The service can be completely tailored according to your heavy cargo requirements, as well as your port or loading/pick-up and delivery locations. Every project is delivered as a a single-solution package.


assembling a boat on the sea

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