a man pays bills with a calculator

Freight Bill Audit and Validation

Given the complexity of today’s supply chains, errors by 3PL providers are all too easy to make – and time-consuming to identify. Verifying that a 3PL provider has delivered quality service and has billed the customer correctly involves more than just ‘Track & Trace.’ GEODIS carries out a comprehensive Freight Bill Audit for its customers to check, for example, whether the correct service levels and quantities have been delivered, the right taxes have been paid, and the agreed rates have been applied.

Efficiencies from automated processes

GEODIS uses advanced IT tools such as Robotic Process Automation to optimize its own FBA processes, enabling us to offer customers a highly cost-effective outsourcing solution. Not only can GEODIS’ services ensure that customers pay the correct amount – they also provide an opportunity to analyze freight spend and explore potential savings.

a man pays bills with a calculator

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