GEODIS awarded "Logistic of the Year 2019"
GEODIS awarded "Logistic of the Year 2019"
Fri 08/11/2019 - 14:36

GEODIS awarded "Logistic of the Year 2019"

The prestigious recognition has been awarded in the Innovation section dedicated to Technology with the ORTEC Routing & Dispatch and ORTEC Delivery Driver solution.

Addressed to the evolution of 4.0 logistics and to the development of cutting-edge technological systems, GEODIS in Italy has been awarded today "Logistic of the year 2019", presenting to Assologistica jury, the innovative solution ORTEC Routing & Dispatch and ORTEC Delivery Driver.

A solution that aims to increase predictive analysis features through two latest-generation tools: a transport planning tool and a smartphone app that follows the traceability of goods and vehicles. The information collected in the ORTEC Routing & Dispatch and ORTEC Delivery Driver databases are in turn, managed by a last Business Intelligence tool, the Big Data Portal. It is a predictive analysis tool, that is an intelligent study of data related to previous deliveries (delays, traffic, damages) integrated with ORTEC Routing & Dispatch, useful to produce an analytical data report for the continuous improvement of service levels and optimization of resource. Advantages are manifold, first of all an analysis that allows to improve the service levels and the optimization of the resources, as anticipated, but also to identify critical areas making them more efficient.

GEODIS was able to carry out this project, thanks to the solid experience gained in the technological sector and continuously provides customers with increasingly advanced solutions, able to ensure a high level of service. Its partner in this project was ORTEC,  the world’s leading supplier of mathematical optimization software and advanced analytics.

Francesco Cazzaniga, CEO of GEODIS Contract Logistics in Italy states: “We are pleased to have received this important recognition. Companies are constantly faced with the logistic evolution 4.0 contexts and GEODIS thanks to its experience, to the pro teams, to the strong logistic know-how, wishes to be an active and cutting-edge partner in the business development process ".

"The Logistic of the Year" is organized by Assologistica (the national association of logistics operators for third parties), its training division Assologistica Culture and Training and the magazine "Euromerci". The competition, now in its 15th edition, is the main public recognition of third party logistics in Italy, attended by the most important operators on the national and international scene every year.


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