GEODIS employees check packages in a warehouse

A Tailor-made Logistics Solution

When it comes to our High Tech logistics, GEODIS is committed to providing tailor-made solutions that match the value and shelf life of the products stored in our warehouses. We will will work together with you as your growth partner to define turnkey solutions that guarantee supply chain efficiency and continuously-improved operational and financial performance.

Logistics campuses for optimized inventory

GEODIS offers a network of specialized Logistics Campuses – a group of warehouses that enable you to reduce and optimize your inventory. In addition to our product inventory management and shipping services, we offer a complete range of value-added services, such as visual or technical quality control, assembly, kitting, and built to stock. These turnkey solutions will help differentiate your company in the marketplace for competitive advantage.

Value-added storage

GEODIS partners with customers to implement services that are adapted to the unique requirements of High Tech products and the challenges this market faces. We will configure and personalize your products according to your specifications, and deliver a ready-to-use product for any sales channel. We'll also ensure the replacement, exchange, and simplified management of spare parts and accessories on demand.

A global network of logistics sites

Our sites are strategically located across the globe. They are based near production sites and main consumption areas, with qualified staff and high security standards. GEODIS also offers a single point of contact to manage and track all operations.

Main advantages

The main advantages of our approach include:

  • Simplified purchases with our VMI solutions
  • Optimized inventory management thanks to our network of Logistics Campuses
  • Late product differentiation to adapt to customer needs
  • Worldwide standardizing processes
GEODIS employees check packages in a warehouse

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