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Campus Solutions: the Ability to Change

GEODIS' warehouses on a logistics campus can help your plant or facility receive just-in-time components for your production line, or deliver an exceptional batch of products anywhere in the world. The flexibility of logistical support offered by Campus Solutions will enable you to increase your productivity and output while lowering operating costs.

A campus approach for warehouse solutions

A campus is a warehouse or a number of warehouses that provide logistical support to all of our clients. This doesn't just involve storage, but also includes value-added services such as pick & pack, assembly, kitting and more. By combining time, space and workforce with maximum flexibility, GEODIS can meet exceptional deadlines and benefit from transverse services. For instance, we can engage in specific rework operations at a reduced cost by always taking advantage of economies of scale.

A flexible, global solution

We operate campus solutions in many locations all over the world. As a partner to our clients in every Vertical Market, we draw upon our comprehensive logistics services and our own in-house level of expertise so that you can benefit from the many services provided by our campus resources. The size of our facilities, our Manual Handling Equipment (MHE) and the number of people we have available vary from location to location and can flex to the needs of the operation.

On campus, we can handle the scalability of your operations, provide end-to-end visibility over inventory and give you complete tracking of products and deliveries. When it comes to outbound operations, GEODIS can optimize assembly operations, perform parts sequencing for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or Tier-1 suppliers, deliver components just-in-sequence (JIS) to the line, according to just-in-time (JIT) schedules, according to the highest quality standards.

We also know that aside from after-market, peak seasons are less common in automotive than in other industries. Nevertheless, we are ready to help if you need to cope with an unexpected crisis or surge in activity. As part of normal operations, we will use our worldwide shipping service to make deliveries to your final customers, dealing with all transport and customs formalities in the process. Of course, in conformity with our value proposition policy, you will always have a single point of contact for all services.

lane of a warehouse

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