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End-of-Life Products Disassembly, Dismantling and Recycling Solutions

GEODIS' know-how in the end-of-life phase of product management can help you optimize your reverse flows while protecting the environment (minimizing landfill waste). Our expert teams will collect and inspect your returned goods, dismantle non-repairable products into their component parts, and then conduct certified scrapping, recycling and destruction operations. You will also get maximum value from each component, as we help you manage material recovery, re-sell elements and re-use spare parts.

Disassembly to spare parts and scrap

If your product is no longer functional or its parts will bring a better price than the product itself, then parts harvesting can help. We can help you sell components (scrap metal, copper, plastic, etc.) to specialized centers, or use them as raw material for further manufacturing. Spare parts can also feed the manufacturing line or be used for repair services.

Dismantling, recycling and disposal (destruction)

GEODIS' proven expertise in dismantling (preparing items to be recycled), recycling and proper destruction will provide your business with an important way to leverage sustainable development and improve your brand image. This recycling solution applies to a variety of products, such as containers, pallets, computer cartridges, and more. Dangerous goods are always dismantled separately to avoid safety and environmental risks.

electronic component

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