a computer under repair

Mid-life Products: Repairing and Re-marketing

GEODIS has proven reverse logistics expertise in giving products a second life, which helps companies lower costs and reduce waste disposal volumes. It also prevents sensitive components from being sold to uncontrolled secondary markets. We'll manage all of the processes required to prepare unwanted, damaged, or end-of-lease goods for re-use: from refurbishment and data wipe out to resale. This will help your business generate sustainable long-term revenue, while solving the problem of returned and excess inventory.

Returns management

Retailers and consumer goods brands constantly face the challenge of returns and surplus or unsold stock. To help overcome these challenges and enhance your customer service, GEODIS offers rapid processing and the efficient management of returned goods. After we collect, inspect, sort, and re-stock, we will execute the distribution of the products and offer swap services.

Repair services

GEODIS also provides a range of repair services for defective or damaged goods to prepare them for potential re-sale. We have extensive experience and expertise in visual inspection, repairing, cleaning, sorting, refurbishing, re-manufacturing, and re-packaging. We also provide certified data wiping, technical tests, and software loading for high tech equipment.


We can develop a solid re-marketing strategy to maximize your reverse flows. Our teams will analyze each product thoroughly – and all of the materials it contains – and then advise you whether to sell it whole or in parts. GEODIS can also define a price for recovered products based on data analysis and re-marketing intelligence. Then we will put it on sale where it will generate the greatest value, whether that be e-commerce, broker sales, or another channel.

a computer under repair

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