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Value-Added Services in Contract Logistics

As all supply chain experts know, contract logistics is not just about storing and distributing your goods. GEODIS provides a wide range of innovative value-added services tailored to your business activity: from ironing garments on hangers to completing technical tests of drones. Our additional services streamline the entire logistics process, increasing the productivity and flexibility of your supply chain, improving inventory management, and reducing inventory stock.

Product rollout

GEODIS offers value-added services to ensure successful product rollout. These services are integrated all along the supply chain to deliver a seamless experience to your customer. We offer hardware and software customization, asset tagging, and software imaging at our sites. At the time of delivery, we unpack and install the product at the customer site. Finally, we remove old equipment and properly refurbish or dispose of it.

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)

GEODIS also offers Vendor Managed Inventory Services (VMI) to guarantee the replenishment of your stock at the right time. We will integrate our high-performance IT tools with your software as we implement VMI solutions that enable supply chain visibility. As a result, you will reduce overstock and ensure efficient stock rotation (such as the control of product expiry dates).

Promotional logistics

GEODIS provides a variety of services to guarantee successful promotional operations. These services include the re-packing and co-packing of goods, building Point of Sales (POS) displays, (re)labelling, packaging and packaging design, sleeving, wrapping, and banding. We can also help prepare your goods for launches and marketing campaigns, so they are ready for the store shelves with an attractive presentation and good traceability.


GEODIS offers kitting solutions to simplify the manufacturing of your products. By moving this operation into a warehouse, you can save time on the line and optimize warehouse storage space by reducing the inventory of finished goods.

Order to cash

GEODIS provides an integrated solution that covers the receipt of customer sales orders, their treatment, and payment processing. These activities are deployed through rigorous financial processes and a proactive customer service that creates comprehensive reports. We'll define the procedures with your company to manage all stages – from order taking to invoicing and recovery – in total transparency.

Quality control

GEODIS guarantees careful assessment of the quality of your products at various points along the supply chain. We can take charge of visual/tactile inspection and quantity checks upon receipt of goods, fulfill the sorting of non-compliant items, and either remove or rework them. We can also conduct more complex technical controls according to specifications, such as pictures, metrology, etc.

Business continuity plan and risk management

GEODIS will accompany you as we ensure business continuity and manage risks. Our Business Continuity Plan will allow your company to monitor, reduce, and manage supply chain risks, even in unforeseen situations (natural disasters, crisis, sudden demand, etc.). For example, GEODIS can elaborate emergency order preparation and delivery patterns and test them regularly under real conditions.

Quality assurance management (recalls, quarantine, destruction)

If a product presents any safety risks (sterility concerns, expiry date, product efficacy), GEODIS can handle the appropriate recall procedure. This includes market withdrawal, quarantine of the remaining product, and either repairing, replacing or destroying it. We also manage recalls across numerous industries, such as food and beverages, healthcare products, vehicle safety systems, electrical equipment, and more.

a woman is consulting a tablet

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