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A Golden Rule: Be a Good Citizen

GEODIS' Corporate Social Responsibility policy takes the impact on all stakeholders into account: our clients, our employees, our shareholders and society at large. This is reflected in our “Be a good citizen” rule – one of our 7 Golden Rules. 

GEODIS' CSR approach

GEODIS' CSR approach targets three objectives and revolves around three main themes: environment, society and ethics. As such, the approach is one of our most powerful drivers for innovation.

Objective #1: Control and reduce the environmental impact of GEODIS’ activities and contribute to the fight against climate change.

The Group’s CSR approach encompasses actions that contribute to the reduction of environmental impact, especially in areas such as improving carbon efficiency, reducing local emissions of pollutants and optimizing the use of natural resources.

Objective #2: Generate a positive social and societal impact by promoting the well-being and development of our employees and the community.

GEODIS attaches the utmost importance to the safety of people, professional equality between women and men and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Objective #3: Act in a responsible manner in all circumstances.

The respect of strong ethical principles and the enforcement of a demanding compliance policy are not negotiable. They must be an integral part of all of our activities and business areas.

Translating CSR objectives into action

These objectives translate into concrete actions towards the Group’s stakeholders:

  • To innovate and continually work on searching for new solutions by co-creating them together with clients, suppliers and subcontractors, and any other external partner.
  • To train and sensitize employees to the social, societal and environmental impact of GEODIS’ activities and to encourage them to be involved in internal initiatives that promote the sharing of best practices throughout the Group.
  • To assess GEODIS’ policies and initiatives in relation to standards and internal and external references.
  • To measure and communicate progress regularly and transparently in a variety of ways – and especially in our annual CSR Report.

The annual evaluation carried out by the independent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance rating agency EcoVadis, has confirmed GEODIS’ commitment to CSR, awarding the global logistics company a 7th consecutive gold medal in 2020. With an overall CSR rating of 68/100, GEODIS ranks among the most advanced of the 20,000 companies audited across all sectors.

Our commitments

GEODIS has demonstrated its involvement and commitment in this area for more than fifteen years. For instance, the Group has been a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2003.

Furthermore, our CSR management makes proactive use of reference documents, international standards and best practices on a Group level as well as part of our Lines of Business. These include:

  • ISO 14001 on environmental management
  • ISO 45001 on safety management
  • ISO 26000 guidelines related to CSR
  • We adhere to the Business Excellence model from EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management), a nonprofit European body created to recognize and promote sustainable success.

GEODIS also participates in collaborative initiatives, such as:

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