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Customized Logistics Solutions

With consumption in mature markets slowing down, manufacturers of consumer goods are facing new challenges: swift changes in distribution channels, the rise of the Internet, pressure on margins, and more. Tailored solutions are a vital way to address these changes.

Tailored solutions with value-added services

Whether at our warehouses or in your own facility, GEODIS offers a range of value-added services to help you customize your products and manage your promotional campaigns, along with tailor-made solutions that add value to your business. We'll take care of the entire process, including direct deliveries to the consignee of your choice, regardless of country and customs procedures.

Adapting packaging to local specifications

Consumer types differ from country to country. Our logistics teams will repackage, wrap and label your products in GEODIS warehouses to adapt them to local specifications.

Managing the complexity of your promotional materials

Promotional materials are often temporary and short-lived by nature, with relatively short deadlines. They therefore require flawless organization. Since they only generate indirect revenues, our primary objectives for this offer are a mix of cost and time. GEODIS' solution offers the following main benefits:

  • POS manufacturing on-demand rather than based on predicted sales
  • Faster speed-to-market
  • Multiple vendor management
  • Reduced and consolidated delivery times
  • Up to 20% saving on various logistic costs
  • Negotiated contracts with express delivery companies
  • Improved order forecasting
  • Single point of contact
  • Great scalability

A tailored, one-stop-shop ‘concierge service’ for your samples

At your request, we can set up a GEODIS one-stop-shop ‘concierge’ service at the very heart of your R&D or marketing center for shipping your prototypes or merchandising products. This dedicated service can handle all shipments, as well as all problems related to packaging and paperwork.

This unique service is highly appreciated by our customers – it allows staff to focus on core business while keeping deadlines and costs under control.

GEODIS employee stores packed tools

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