container loading area on a harbor

Multimodal and Cross-border Transport Solutions

Cross-border logistics requires expertise and visibility, especially when it comes to large volumes and consumer goods. Each country has its own laws, regulations and formalities, and transport must be carefully planned to avoid delays or unforeseen events. Complexity and costs increase when multimodal transport is added to the equation.

When it comes to consumer products, many players and suppliers are concentrated in the same geographical area, covering several countries. While products can be made and used in the same region, they are also often shipped to different destinations.  Complex cross-border logistics must therefore be put in place to meet time, cost, and speed-to-market objectives.

GEODIS handles multimodal and cross-border transport in many regions around the world, such as Europe, China and South East Asia, the USA and Mexico. We provide flow tracking from overseas warehousing in good storage conditions to global shipping operations. Thanks to our fully-integrated IT solution GeoFlow, you can keep an eye on all operations and shipments in real time.

Reduce your carbon footprint

As a partner for your sustainable growth, GEODIS is committed to recommending the solution that best suits your needs, whether in terms of transport, a reduction of CO2 emissions, or profitability. Compared to 'Road only' transport, multimodal transport is undeniably better for the environment. For an equal distance and weight, the environmental impact of Ocean or Rail transport can be more than ten times lower than Road transport in terms of pollution, greenhouse gases, noise, accidents, etc. Our multimodal transport solutions (sustainable logistics) therefore combine economic performance with respect for the environment.

Beyond borders

In Europe, our multimodal freight offer focuses on land transport, combining Rail and Road: two modes in which GEODIS has developed a high level of expertise. This ensures a high level of reliability and excellent service.

Outside of Europe, GEODIS supports multimodal transport including Airfreight and/or Ocean Freight. Regardless of the number of countries involved, we can pick up your goods for transit through consolidation centers we will load them onto Rail/Sea/Air containers to be shipped to the destination of your choice.

The optimization of stock levels, a reduction of your carbon footprint and transport costs, and the availability of your products on shelves: our multimodal and cross-border transport solutions perfectly rise to these challenges in consumer goods manufacturing.

Always visible, always agile

GEODIS can provide solutions for of all your customs clearance procedures to ensure the smooth transportation of your goods. Our team of experts will take care of import, export, and customs clearance processes. They can also advise and even manage your claims to guarantee compliance when it comes to customs clearance and tax representation.

Your products can cross borders and go through as many modes of transportation as necessary, depending on time, cost, standards or seasons. We will take care of customs procedures until the last mile delivery, regardless of the number of countries passed through.

We also make the supply chain as flexible as possible, even during transport. Your priority is our priority. The right products must arrive at the right place at the right time, every time.


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container loading area on a harbor

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