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Retail logistics and supply chain

Today's retailers face a dynamic environment characterized by digitally disruptive consumers and Retail supply chains that are challenged by issues such as speed-to-market and peak season management. At GEODIS, we help our customers optimize their Retail supply chains by providing innovative solutions. These solutions are supported by consolidation at origin, and include enhanced transport and customs clearance processes for on-time cross-border delivery. We understand that control over existing inventories, maximum flow visibility (logistic control tower) and optimized costs are essential. Therefore, we combine our expertise and experience to help our customers achieve these objectives, enabling them to make flexible decisions and change course when necessary as they adapt to alternate channels.

GEODIS' Campus Solutions warehouse logistics can help customers to store and receive deliveries in the wake of a surge in activity. Campus Solutions also enable us to act as a fulfillment center as we ship the right order with the right products at the right time, while optimizing operating costs. See details

The growth of direct-to-consumer distribution can add to the complexity of your supply chain, and demands flexibility and greater visibility over inbound and outbound flows. To deal with the ever-changing aspects of the Retail market, GEODIS’ value proposition changes the game, and moves beyond the traditional way of doing things. See details

GEODIS orchestrates the flow of products, partly or completely, along the entire supply chain until they reach the shelves. Our Flow Management & Enterprise Solutions offer is not only just about controlling movement. It also involves root cause analysis and pro-active actions to improve your supply chain, with an approach that includes visibility, our Control Tower services and efficient IT solutions. When it comes to flow management, our range of experts and international presence enable our customers to address stock holding issues. We can keep deliveries coming to the door of your store within required time frames throughout the year, and especially during peak activity. To achieve this, inventory information is key. See details

Transporting goods from a Distribution Center (DC) to the final point of sale comes with its own logistics constraints and requirements. GEODIS offers an array of services up until the last mile and the last minute, including help for a new product launch or store opening, and more. When it comes to a brand's promise to match User Experience (UX) & Customer Experience (CX), last mile delivery is now more critical than ever. GEODIS provides a variety of daily in-city solutions, including concierge services. See details

Nearshoring is fast becoming a Retail trend, with many stakeholders concentrated across several countries in one geographical zone. Destinations are just as plentiful and diverse, which means complex cross-border logistics must achieve their time, cost and revenue objectives. At GEODIS, we use proven expertise to adapt to each country’s logistics and customs laws, regulations and documentation. We are experts in dealing with the additional security, complexity and costs that come with multimodal transport. See details

When it comes to Virtual Inventory, GEODIS strives to offer unique recommendations based on origin management services. Because Virtual Inventory includes all stock on hand – whether in stores or at a GEODIS warehouse close to your suppliers – we concentrate our efforts on the origin. Our inventory management solutions are designed to provide visibility and control over every stock keeping unit (SKU) and ship it anywhere, anytime, right on schedule. GEODIS knows from experience that traditional purchase orders and operations often limit further optimization in terms of margin and cost efficiency. Sometimes, if demand for required quantities unexpectedly rises, buyers realize they are running short on an ordered item in the middle of transportation or at a store location. See details

crowd in a mall with escalators

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