Boat transporting containers on a river

China-Europe Rail Service - connecting Europe and Asia on a fast track

GEODIS' China-Europe Rail Service is designed to overcome the timing and cost challenges of transporting goods between China and Europe. The service's high security standard make rail logistics solutions between China and Europe a true alternative to traditional transport modes. The approach also benefits from significant investments in rail infrastructure.

Lead time and cost benefits

Rail transport provides several benefits – especially in terms of lead time and costs. We use the Trans Siberian Route (TSR) and the even faster Trans-China Route (TCR), as they are most frequented transit corridors from China to Europe and vice versa. The result is a service that provides 1/3 the lead times of ocean freight at 1/5 the cost of airfreight. Your goods will get to where they need to be cost-effectively, securely and on time.

A sustainable and secure solution

Our Rail service is equipped with features such as heat insulation and online temperature monitoring, making it a perfect choice for sensitive, hi-tech and dangerous goods. Our service also provides best-in-class security solutions, GPS and online tracking all the way to the customers’ door. Just as importantly, transportation by rail is also the most environmentally-friendly mode of transport between China and Europe due to its comparatively low levels of CO2 and other emissions.

Boat transporting containers on a river

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