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Short-distance Solutions

GEODIS offers customized services for all of your regional journeys under 500 km. Our strong local presence and large fleet of vehicles allow us to respond quickly to your transportation needs, whatever product or activity sector is involved. Whether you need to deliver your goods to a construction site, use our vehicles, or ensure delivery rounds, our teams are at your service.

Milk runs

We have implemented an optimization system for your route suppliers or end customers to reduce the total distance travelled and improve truck filling rates. In addition to lowering your operational costs, this will also increase flexibility and ensure better inventory management.

Rental with a driver

Some of our customers become overwhelmed by their increasingly complex supply chain, and want to place their focus back on their core business. GEODIS therefore offers offer flexible solutions that range from the rental of vehicles with our trained drivers to the complete management of your fleet and personnel. You will stay in control of your budget as you supervise your operation’s activity with the help of our management tools.

Work-site deliveries

We develop transport plans adapted to work-site deliveries: delivery point research (work-site, individuals, etc.), premise accessibility, delivery route optimization, and more. All of our drivers will be trained in your products and are Caces-certified to use built-in engines. Our regional site coverage will also ensure deadline compliance and responsiveness.

Distripal: local distribution of 1 to 5 pallets within France

To meet short deadlines and shipping priorities, we have established a local network specialized in the distribution of palletised freight (1 to 5 pallets, max. 800 kg/pallet). GEODIS' dedicated resources cover 18 French departments and our flat-rate pallet offer guarantees cost control.

Temperature-controlled transportation

Temperature-controlled transport requires specialized logistics and a strong commitment to the safe flow of foodstuffs (HACCP certification). GEODIS prioritized issues such as adapted equipment, driver training, and compliance with the rules and obligations related to the maintenance and hygiene of equipment to provide the highest quality of service to our mass retail clients.

employee preparing truck

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