Man using smartphone in front of GEODIS Truck

Digitized Services

GEODIS' customer-dedicated web platform for tracking a load’s transportation provides transparency, agility, and simplicity to all supply chain actors. This real-time service provides tracking information, indicator reporting and analysis, as well as document archiving. Our Neptune customer portal provides real-time information from our TMS and mobile applications while utilizing several functionalities to simplify communication.

Neptune customer web portal

Neptune allows haulers and customers to manage all activities from a single web platform with just a few clicks. You can schedule meetings, plan resources, group transport orders, report incidents and faults, and access digitalized transport documents. Data is updated in real time, thanks to the portal’s connection with our TMS and driver feedback (via Zenmob).

Zenmob: a dedicated smartphone driver app for following transport orders

Zenmob is available on Android and iOS in eight languages, and is accessible by 18,000 GEODIS employees throughout Europe. By simply entering the delivery order reference, the driver can immediately share the delivery status, fault reports, and images showing events of non-compliance with our clients. This greatly increases efficiency when it comes to exchanges between different stakeholders within the supply chain.

Online document database

We have established a 100% digitized organization of your transportation documents to meet continually tightening administrative and legal constraints and to reduce processing time. These documents are available on the Neptune portal and are indexed on your transportation orders to make them easier to find.

Performance monitoring with our scorecards

Our tool is completely customizable to meet your every need. A single dashboard displays the relevant indicators that allow you to follow the progression of your goods’ shipment. Following a comprehensive reading of your data, we can guide you through an analysis as well as the development of improvement plans for the future.

Automated transfer of transport and logistic data

In addition to this global digital solution, we can also accelerate and simplify exchanges between our IT systems by implementing EDI flows. This connection between our TMS and your ERP is customizable to your industry’s needs and reduces transaction times and processing costs. We handle more than 1,500,000 EDI messages every month.

Our logistic flow management units can also offer their shared expertise in multi-shipper transportation plans. Thanks to our organization and dual capabilities in both transportation and logistics, GEODIS is one of the few players in the market able to provide you with this type of logistic pooling.

Man using smartphone in front of GEODIS Truck

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