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Flow Management and Control Tower Operations

Using GEODIS' management solutions mean entrusting us with total or partial control of your operational, financial, and information flows so that you can better concentrate on the core purpose of your industry. Every year, we manage more than 300,000 logistical flows in Europe, covering a wide range of activities on behalf of our customers. In addition, our logistic flow management teams offer the opportunity to pool multi-shipper transportation plans to increase profits with heightened productivity.

A wide range of value-added services

Our management team ensures complete control from the moment the order is received until the goods are shipped to the customer. Adaptable loading plans, the anticipation of seasonal rushes, and transporter coordination all ensure a high level of service and productivity. We work at every level of the supply chain, from strategic planning to successful transportation, and from performance monitoring to the management of financial flows.

The advantage of multi-customer transport plan pooling

GEODIS is one of the few players in the market able to offer you logistic pooling, and we routinely analyze opportunities to pool multiple customers’ transport plans. This, combined with the continuous re-evaluation of progress and improvement plans allows us to help you increase productivity, reach sustainable development goals, and meet service rate demands.

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