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Supply Chain Sourcing and Procurement

GEODIS’ advisory services provide companies with a clear roadmap for enhancing their supply chain. We can identify potential efficiencies, ranging from supplier relationships to the structure of your logistics network.

Many organizations also ask us to take the next step – to source and procure the services that will turn these potential benefits into tangible ones, typically through a Request For Tender process. The Supply Chain Optimization’s Line of Business of GEODIS is part of a global 3PL provider, however being an independent structure to guarantee customers and prospects the neutrality needed to design and implement their projects.

In some situations, alterations to the size and operation of a logistics network can have major ramifications. The appointment of a major new provider, the deployment of a new mode of transportation, a switch from regional to centralized processes, or the development of a new IT platform are just some examples. In situations like these, reconfiguring a network will lead to organizational change – a more intricate process for management and employees alike. See details

While technical knowledge of an RFQ process is essential, GEODIS can also draw on practical knowledge of the best suppliers to be consulted for a given project. With our existing ecosystem of suppliers, we can recommend tried and trusted operators around the world – whether for a particular mode of transport, or for a specific country – saving customers considerable time and effort. See details

Developing and managing an RFQ for an international supply chain is a demanding, time-consuming task that requires a wide range of skills. GEODIS can help customers to carry out the process as efficiently as possible, starting with an initial Request For Information. See details

Once a supplier contract is underway, GEODIS can provide a monitoring service to ensure that the relevant Key Performance Indicators – such as OTIF, On Cost billing, and trade compliance aspects – are all being achieved. We can also recommend, in advance, the KPIs to apply for different aspects of the contract, and then ensure that the information is provided in a timely manner. See details

Trade compliance is a wide-ranging field, covering the spectrum from assigning the correct code of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding Systems (HS) to having detailed knowledge of national tax regimes and international regulations. See details

Two business men shaking hands to each other

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