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In a constantly changing market, automotive suppliers and car makers need flexibility and control over total costs. This, of course, brings greater challenges to their global supply chain. At GEODIS, we put decades of logistics expertise into our Automotive industry service, helping our customers overcome the challenges of on-demand production. We provide adapted and comprehensive in-house warehousing services such as pick & pack, SKD/CKD, sub-assembly, line-feed operations and optimized door-to-door transport with real-time visibility. These services are entrusted to us by the world's major automotive companies, and we handle them with care and dedication.

GEODIS' warehouses on a logistics campus can help your plant or facility receive just-in-time components for your production line, or deliver an exceptional batch of products anywhere in the world. The flexibility of logistical support offered by Campus Solutions will enable you to increase your productivity and output while lowering operating costs. See details

At GEODIS, we understand that our customers' production schedule is a top priority – entire assembly lines can rely on one single element. Therefore, as we manage the logistics of materials and components for our customers, we engage in just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing. This helps us respond to changing product specifications and anticipate the needs of even our customers' customers. At the same time, we strategically locate our warehouses to serve the required plants within our customers' most complex scenarios. See details

GEODIS' experience in the automotive industry helps us expertly orchestrate the flow of your products, whether partly or completely, along the entire supply chain. Our supply chain Flow Management offer is based on your specific needs, which means we only set up services that will bring true value to your business. And because Flow Management is about continuous optimization and movement control, all of our activities are supported by complete track & trace visibility.   See details

Auto parts in complete or semi knockdown (CKD/SKD) condition are often used in car manufacturing, especially to reach developing markets and to optimize production fees and taxation. When it comes to CKD/SKD activities, GEODIS can expertly conduct the handling, consolidation and packaging of your parts and components. GEODIS has years of experience and expertise in automotive industry logistics, with a host of capabilities and services to offer in the area of CKD/SKD. We understand that no two companies are the same, so we take a flexible approach that will address your individual requirements for these specific tasks. See details

In the automotive industry, cross-border logistics demands expertise and visibility. However, every country has different laws, regulations and specific documentation requirements – transport must be planned accordingly while mitigating the risk of possible delays due to customs clearance. These complexities and costs increase even further when multimodal transport is involved. See details

The way companies deal with containers and packaging in logistics can create real cost efficiency, help achieve a reduced carbon footprint and maintain compliance with new laws and regulations. GEODIS manages all sorts of containers and packaging, often returning them back into the supply chain in almost mint condition. Our experience shows us that waste disposal should only be conducted when absolutely necessary, and even then in the greenest and most cost-efficient way possible. See details

GEODIS' pick & pack service usually starts where a shipment begins its journey: at the origin. Products are taken directly from your supplier to a GEODIS warehouse, where they are picked and packed to be dispatched to the production customer via cross-docking. From order reception, through to adapting to your packaging bundling, we guarantee a complete fulfilment cycle and on-time delivery. See details

With over thirty years of experience in automotive logistics, GEODIS performs a wide array of highly complex services for sub-assembly in multiple manufacturing-support operations. We also use a flexible approach for many specific requirements as we strive to deliver the best customer experience all over the world. See details

car windshields

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