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Fully-orchestrated CKD/SKD Operations

Auto parts in complete or semi knockdown (CKD/SKD) condition are often used in car manufacturing, especially to reach developing markets and to optimize production fees and taxation. When it comes to CKD/SKD activities, GEODIS can expertly conduct the handling, consolidation and packaging of your parts and components.

GEODIS has years of experience and expertise in automotive industry logistics, with a host of capabilities and services to offer in the area of CKD/SKD. We understand that no two companies are the same, so we take a flexible approach that will address your individual requirements for these specific tasks.

Specific packaging for cost-efficiency and a smaller carbon footprint

It is important to preserve the quality of services and goods, comply with regulations, reduce waste and control costs. GEODIS therefore ensures that each country and plant develops a specific range of packaging and containment that can be adapted to our customers' requests and requirements. This could be for a specific transport mode or exclusively for CKD/SKD activity.

We can handle the many different types of packaging and containers that come from your suppliers, and we can transpose almost any size, shape or form into your own specific factory standards, to fit the mechanized and robotic systems within your plant.

We also use returnable and one-way containers, resulting in real cost efficiency when shipping large parts such as body panels or glass components. This can also help you reduce your carbon footprint and keep up-to-date with new laws and regulations.

Flexibility in inbound operations

We provide scalability of your CKD/SKD operations and also manage the process, giving you complete visibility over supplier inventory. In our GEODIS warehouse, we can identify (RFID), pack and prepare parts coming from many different suppliers into the CKD/SKD kit of your choice, giving packaging the same degree of quality and attention that we give to high-volume shipments. We can also repack, containerize and ship the parts.

Once a kit is assembled, we will track every part of it, including which finished product it has to go, and where it is headed.

Optimized and customized value-added services

GEODIS also provides completely optimized value-added services for CKD/SKD parts. This offer provides end-to-end flow tracking from overseas warehousing in good storage conditions to global shipping or rail operations. This allows us to forecast shortages in order to keep production going, bringing all services to a single point of contact for an enhanced customer experience.

a woman consults a network plan

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