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Logistic Control Tower

In the Industrial market, a comprehensive overview of flows is key to managing daily activities and inventory. GEODIS offers a turnkey solution that allows you to manage your purchase orders, oversee their fulfillment, invoice and improve the quality of your services through the analysis of supply chain data. It's called a Control Tower, and it is a perfect way to schedule, implement and manage your logistical, physical, data, and financial flows, with clear visibility and traceability of operations on the ground.

Covering the entire value chain

As soon as your products are available from the supplier, GEODIS will consolidate them on a shipping platform with specialized containers, and then deliver them to the recipient of your choice anywhere in the world from a distribution center to the end client.

We use a Transport Management System tool (TMS) called Zenith to control shipments. GEODIS developed this TMS internally, and it provides customers with standard and specific functionalities that can be defined in project mode with our clients.

At GEODIS, as logistic industry experts,  we also understand the need to plan for seasonality, and to respect all of your customers’ shipment requirements and specifications. Therefore, we provide you with complete and detailed processes that we have developed over time which allow us to coordinate many different stakeholders with different habits.

No matter what mode of transportation or customs procedures you need, we will record each movement, end-to-end. We'll also provide you with access to all of this information through a single point of contact, thanks to our dedicated digital and integrated management solutions that focus on optimizing costs across your supply chain.

Control Tower advantages

GEODIS' Control Tower approach provides customers with may advantages, including:

  • Supply chain integration with the ability to view and retrieve logistics information
  • Reduced non-compliance penalties)
  • Improved decision-making capabilities
  • Increased visibility and responsiveness
  • Commitment compliance: schedule, costs, quality, and improved customer satisfaction

Providing expertise across 9 Industrial segments

GEODIS offers logistical services for 9 Industrial segments:

  • Paper and packaging
  • Industry equipment and machinery
  • Chemicals
  • Power and utilities
  • Railway industry
  • Metals, raw materials, and mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Construction and materials
  • Agribusiness
Tour de contrôle - 140423

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