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Specialized Transport Solutions

GEODIS offers a comprehensive range of specialized transport solutions that are tailored to your industry-specific needs. Our teams can organize delivery using almost any kind of specialized transport, in compliance with the required rules and regulations. These transportation solutions and expertise are complemented by our cross-dock and storage services as well as client activities such as loading operations. Our aim is to create value for our customers, helping them gain a competitive advantage.

GEODIS combines partnership with leaders in the chemical and gas industries with recognized expertise in the bulk and packaged transportation of liquid chemicals and gas to provide this service. Every year, we ship around 3,335,000 tons of liquid and gaseous products throughout Europe. We also develop customized transportation solutions for delicate goods that guarantee security, quality, and flexibility. See details

GEODIS is currently active in over 100 concrete plants. With 200 employees and 200 vehicles at our disposal, we cover 60% of France, and our drivers are keenly aware of the security demands in this sector. In addition to the transportation of ready-to-use concrete, we can also guide you through a resource optimization approach to reduce your operating expenses. See details

GEODIS has developed innovative, oversize delivery solutions to meet your exceptional transportation needs throughout Europe, including the shipment of railroad tracks, agricultural machinery, electric generators, and more. When it comes to the transport of non-standard goods, we offer a high level of technical expertise and specific processes, as well as trained drivers and forklift operators. See details

Transporting steel products requires technical expertise and specialized approaches. For this reason, GEODIS offers specialized vehicles such as semi-trailers with spool mounts, short semis, lightweight semi-trailers, steel plates, front-detaching tautliners, and more. We can transport all types of products, including steel rolls, sheet metal and long items. Solutions combining road and rail are also available. See details

As the French leader in multimodal solutions, we are focused on doing our part to address global warming by reducing our environmental footprint. To help achieve this, we back investments in sustainable transportation through hybrid technologies and the use of 'clean' vehicles with all of our customers – especially those involved in large-scale distribution and the FMCG sector. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint while providing continued high-quality service by proposing innovative solutions to our customers. See details

GEODIS understands that the flawless distribution of your sensitive products is an essential part of customer satisfaction.The Euromatic offer proposed by GEODIS includes value-added distribution services, with a focus on machines that require technical know-how for setup. We offer a full set of services: from pre-assembly to the delivery, installation, setting up, and removal of packaging and old equipment for recycling. GEODIS can also provide customized packaging and special training for drivers according to your product type. See details

Back on a specialized GEODIS truck

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