Warehouse and rails

Out-of-Gauge Solutions

GEODIS has developed innovative, oversize delivery solutions to meet your exceptional transportation needs throughout Europe, including the shipment of railroad tracks, agricultural machinery, electric generators, and more. When it comes to the transport of non-standard goods, we offer a high level of technical expertise and specific processes, as well as trained drivers and forklift operators.

Exceptional situations require technical expertise

When faced with logistical constraints related to exceptional transportation needs, we guarantee optimal transportation and associated administrative management (including authorization, insurance, and more). We can also provide adapted vehicles and qualified personnel to guarantee high-quality services when navigating narrow passages or when loading fragile, heavy and/or bulky goods.

An emphasis on innovation and adaptation

We continuously develop our operational skills to ensure the best possible service. Over the past several years, we have worked to create an innovative and adaptable offer that will meet even the most specific and exceptional transportation needs, with the choice of our best partners to help along the way.

Warehouse and rails

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