Parked GEODIS trucks

Sustainable Transport Solutions

As the French leader in multimodal solutions, we are focused on doing our part to address global warming by reducing our environmental footprint. To help achieve this, we back investments in sustainable transportation through hybrid technologies and the use of 'clean' vehicles with all of our customers – especially those involved in large-scale distribution and the FMCG sector. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint while providing continued high-quality service by proposing innovative solutions to our customers.

Gas-fuelled vehicles to respond to your environmental concerns

At GEODIS, we started switching to natural gas trucks ten years ago. This has given us the expertise required to offer our customers gas/diesel-fuelled transport plans combined with consulting services. Our position as middleman between manufacturers and shippers grants us full legitimacy to provide tailored services in line with your expectations.

A reliable alternative for secure deliveries

Your product deliveries can be affected by difficulties such as road restrictions, traffic jams and parking issues. At GEODIS, we fully integrate ourselves into your operations, ensuring that our gas-fuelled transport solutions provide reliable service in all circumstances.

Parked GEODIS trucks

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