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Transport Flow Management

In addition to providing transport services, GEODIS' goal is to guide the strategic organization of your supply chain. GEODIS can therefore support you in the strategic, tactical and operational management of your transport flows through the digitalization of our solutions and services, our specialized teams of experts, and our own TMS and efficient transport resources.

As an authorized customs broker, GEODIS can carry out all customs clearance operations within all industry sectors, from the simplest to the most complex. We work with a global network of 600 partners in 150 countries and manage 3 million customs formalities each year. Let our team of experts guide you through all of your customs issues, as we provide advice, optimization, and verification of compliance. See details

Using GEODIS' management solutions mean entrusting us with total or partial control of your operational, financial, and information flows so that you can better concentrate on the core purpose of your industry. Every year, we manage more than 300,000 logistical flows in Europe, covering a wide range of activities on behalf of our customers. In addition, our logistic flow management teams offer the opportunity to pool multi-shipper transportation plans to increase profits with heightened productivity. See details

For over 20 years, GEODIS has managed buying activities on behalf of customers in all business sectors. Our expertise extends over the entirety of the global supply chain: Road, Sea, Air, logistics, and more. This lets you stay focused on your core industry while enjoying full supply chain visibility. See details

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