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Value-added Distribution Services - Euromatic

GEODIS understands that the flawless distribution of your sensitive products is an essential part of customer satisfaction.The Euromatic offer proposed by GEODIS includes value-added distribution services, with a focus on machines that require technical know-how for setup. We offer a full set of services: from pre-assembly to the delivery, installation, setting up, and removal of packaging and old equipment for recycling. GEODIS can also provide customized packaging and special training for drivers according to your product type.

Two-man delivery and the installation of heavy equipment

GEODIS’ Euromatic offer provides experienced delivery and technical services: configuration, commissioning, start-up, take-back of previous equipment, and initial training for machine users. Transport and handling is provided by crews of two to four delivery/installation experts who comply with the strictest handling rules to ensure total safety for the equipment during delivery and on-site installation.

Vehicle rental with drivers

GEODIS owns a fleet of vehicles with drivers on rental contracts. The Euromatic offer therefore enables you to maintain control over your transport operations while benefitting from trained drivers and efficient vehicles (standard or customized to your branding). You focus on your core business, and let GEODIS takes charge of transport investments and he administrative aspects, such as driver management and road regulatory obligations.

Urgent and express delivery

The Euromatic offer also provides the urgent transportation of your parcels with all types of vehicles and in all industries (including sensitive areas such as defense, airports and customs in the Paris region). We use combined solutions with high-speed trains and all types of freight (standard, hazardous goods including class 7, and secured freight). We also provide real-time tracking for deliveries all over France and Europe.

Employee carrying fridge

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