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Packaging and Container Management

The way companies deal with containers and packaging in logistics can create real cost efficiency, help achieve a reduced carbon footprint and maintain compliance with new laws and regulations. GEODIS manages all sorts of containers and packaging, often returning them back into the supply chain in almost mint condition. Our experience shows us that waste disposal should only be conducted when absolutely necessary, and even then in the greenest and most cost-efficient way possible.

Think inside the box: repair, re-use and reintegrate

Packaging is designed to prevent your products from being damaged. Therefore, the utmost attention has to be paid to the way it is transported, stocked and reused. The same approach applies to the containers in which goods come in – be they returnable or 'one-way' – as just-in-time (JIT) deliveries considerably increase their potential value.

Our GEODIS warehouse employees can clean, repair, re-use and identify (via barcode or RFID) all varieties of containers and packaging, so that they can be reintegrated into your stock and chosen for other uses. We will work closely with a packaging specialist of your choice to complement your entire supply chain in support of your global operations.

The greener, the merrier: scalablity and end-to-end tracking

Clearly, we recycle items made of paper or cardboard as much as possible. But GEODIS can also dispose of materials if their reuse cost is too high. If we do have to resort to waste disposal, we'll make sure it is done in the most environmentally-friendly way, and sold at the best price.

GEODIS uses a completely optimized approach to provide a value-added service offering for packaging and container management. Our offer provides scalability of your operations, and end-to-end flow tracking technology from pick and pack operations at our facility to return operations, giving you complete visibility over inventory.

As with all GEODIS propositions, all of our bespoke services are accessible from a single point of contact.

storage pallet stack

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