train rail with containers in front of the sea

Multimodal Transport Solutions

Optimizing freight transportation requires a closely integrated network on a global scale, especially when it comes to large Industrial projects. At GEODIS, we have been using our market expertise to secure our Industrial customers' flows for years.


Intelligent transportation and logistics solutions

GEODIS is a subsidiary of SNCF Logistics – a major supplier of multimodal transport and the leader in combined Rail-Road transport in France. We offer combined intelligent transportation and logistics solutions that create the long-term optimization of your value chain’s performance. We integrate elements of urban and reverse logistics from your customers to your suppliers to handle your flows, no matter what their origin/provenance is.

GEODIS manages multimodal and cross-border transport on a global level, from storage locations through to shipment. Our integrated digital solution GeoFlow also provides the real-time tracking of all operations.

Complete door-to-door multimodal services

In Europe, our standard multimodal freight offer focuses on land transport. The offer combines Rail and Road, two methods for which GEODIS has developed a high level of expertise, reliability and excellent service.

GEODIS combines many different modes for long-distance transport: Road, Sea, Air, Rail, and Waterway. Our special offers include Air-Sea options or 'short-sea' shipping (e.g. between Spain and the UK).

Our combined Rail-Road transport ensures frequent, around-the-clock departures through France and along Europe’s extensive rail network. We use the four Viia network rail highways, and transport goods all the way to Asia through the Eurasia Rail Network.

As your goods cross borders and change through many modes of transportation, we can help you make the best choices to reduce your carbon footprint. We'll also take care of all customs procedures up until final delivery.

Providing expertise across 9 Industrial segments

GEODIS offers logistical services for 9 Industrial segments:

  • Paper and packaging
  • Industry equipment and machinery
  • Chemicals
  • Power and utilities
  • Railway industry
  • Metals, raw materials, and mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Construction and materials
  • Agribusiness
train rail with containers in front of the sea

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