an employee checks spare parts

Spare Parts Management

Logistics of spare parts represents numerous challenges, as one missing small part can stop the whole manufacturing process. Thus, your spare parts management needs to be reactive and flexible. You can cope with parts availability problems by entrusting their management to GEODIS.
Our contract logistics teams offer end-to-end solutions: engineering of storage space according to the size and the nature of spare parts, warehousing, inventory management, distribution and reverse logistics.

Adding value to your spare parts

GEODIS boosts your reactivity by taking charge of preparing spare parts for distribution, so that they are delivered to end customers as quickly as needed.  
At reception we complete visual inspection and a quality and a quantity control to avoid any risk of non-compliance. We also provide metrology, kitting, assembly, and repacking operations, as well as on-call duty to respond to customer demands.

Tailored solutions for your market sector

By analyzing your challenges, we provide customized solutions to respond to your industry's spare parts quality requirements. Our expertise covers various market sectors: Automotive, Industrial, High Tech, Aerospace & Defense, etc. We manage spare parts as different as memory chips and passenger car components.


an employee checks spare parts

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