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Speed to Market: reduce product time-to-market

GEODIS' Speed to Market offers high tech companies the flexibility of our transport and logistics networks for ever faster product launches and product life cycles. Our objectives are to optimize your inventory, select the appropriate modes of transport, and offer adaptable solutions that constantly keep in step with market expectations.

Limit your inventory’s impact on financial fixed assets

The competitive High Tech market is driven by rapid innovation and short product life cycles at a high unit price. Maintaining inventory at the lowest level is therefore critical for improving the productivity of our customers' supply chains. On the other hand, our customers must reach their market on time, especially when launching new products or responding to strong fluctuations in demand.

At GEODIS, we use all of our experience to deliver your products at the right place, at the right time, and error-free. This is the best way to limit your inventory’s impact on financial fixed assets. We are able to manage complex issues and offer you tailored solutions to meet this objective. For example, your inbound flows can be managed with a VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory), or in direct supply from vendor stock. You can then "release" and distribute the products when you need them.

An integrated solution with maximum flexibility

We adapt our operational resources to your challenges, whatever mode of transport you use. We can organize and manage your flows from our warehouses or when cross-docking. We can also customize your products and schedule their delivery according to the specific needs of the final consignee (specialized delivery at the point of sale).

Speed to Market is an integrated, end-to-end solution, from conception to execution up to the last mile of delivery. Our Control Tower service allows you to monitor and optimize inventory and storage in real time with a single point of contact.

GEODIS will ensure the rapid delivery of goods from your suppliers to the end customer, and we also commit to delivery times and ensure capacity throughout the year, including during peak seasons. As always, the service is provided through a single point of contact.

moving people

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