GEODIS Awarded its 7th Consecutive EcoVadis Gold Medal 


The annual evaluation carried out by the independent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance rating agency EcoVadis, has confirmed GEODIS’ commitment to CSR, awarding the global logistics company a 7th consecutive gold medal.



With an overall CSR rating of 68/100, GEODIS ranks among the most advanced of the 20,000 companies audited across all sectors.

The EcoVadis assessment focuses on 21 criteria grouped into four themes, for which GEODIS received the following scores:


- Environment: 90/100

- Labor and Human Rights: 60/100

- Sustainable Procurement: 60/100

- Ethical Business Practices: 60/100


 EcoVadis commends GEODIS’ “exceptional policy” with regard to major environmental issues.


“Our policy aims to control and reduce the environmental impact of our activities and contribute to the fight against climate change. This is based on reducing our carbon footprint and pollutant emissions, in addition to optimizing the use of resources” says Cécile Bray, CSR Director, GEODIS. In collaboration with its customers, GEODIS is developing “low-carbon” solutions via the optimization of transport plans, the implementation of multi-modal solutions and the use of clean-energy vehicles.


With regard to the other themes in 2020, GEODIS established actions aimed at:

  • Safeguarding employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure the safety of its employees, GEODIS established and implemented a detailed “post-lockdown return to work plan” that was shared at every company level to make sure that protective measures were applied.
  • Ethical performance (whistle-blowing procedure, raising awareness among employees, oversight, etc.)
  • Supporting employees facing temporary financial difficulties by creating a European solidarity fund in addition to the existing American solidarity fund.


An evaluation carried out at every level of the GEODIS group


The EcoVadis evaluation is also carried out at every GEODIS Group line of business and regional level. In 2020, the Road Transport and Freight Forwarding lines of business as well as the WEMA (Western Europe, Middle East, Africa) Region saw a significant increase in their scores.


The Road Transport line of business, which received its second consecutive gold medal, is among the top 2% of road transport companies to reach such a level. The evaluation commended, in particular the roll-out of its Responsible Procurement policy, which now includes numerous CSR criteria in selecting and motivating its transport partners.


The Freight Forwarding line of business is among the top 2% highest-scoring freight forwarders. Freight Forwarding’s activity improved their overall score by 2 points compared to last year (increasing from 66 to 68), which also earned it an EcoVadis gold medal. A distinction which rewards its proactive approach, its policy and concrete actions with regard to CSR, particularly its commitment to protecting the environment, ethical business practices, sustainable procurement, and favoring labor and human rights.


Lastly, managing risks related to ethical business practices and compliance were strengthened in the WEMA region. Particular attention was paid to the health and safety of its employees and subcontractors. The steady reduction in workplace accidents and the regulatory compliance of its activities everywhere, and at all times are among the central actions carried out in the region which impose standards when local regulations do not legislate for them.


Note: GEODIS’ 2019 Activity and Corporate Social Responsibility Report – ‘Securing supply chains’ can be accessed HERE