GEODIS makes a commitment to inclusivity by signing a Diversity Policy


On May 30th 2024, Marie-Christine Lombard, CEO of GEODIS, signed a GEODIS Diversity Policy.


Nouvelle politique diversité

This signature marks GEODIS' commitment to its employees to foster a work environment that values and respects all. This is to ensure that everyone receives fair treatment and participates in GEODIS' success, thanks to their individual talent.
This Diversity Policy defines GEODIS’ ambitions and priorities in terms of equal opportunities, regardless of age, gender, culture, or disability.

The policy enshrines a number of commitments:

  • Implementation of fair and inclusive recruitment and hiring practices to attract a diverse pool of candidates,
  • Provision of ongoing training and development opportunities for all employees to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion,
  • Maintenance of a safe, respectful, and inclusive workplace environment for all employees,
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of our diversity and inclusion efforts to ensure accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement.

This policy is forms the basis of the direction that the Group wishes to take on behalf of its employees and will be adapted to the specificities of the local cultures of each country in which GEODIS is present.

You can discover all these commitments in our policy.