GEODIS publishes its new Activity and Sustainability Report


GEODIS announces the publication of its 2023 Activity and Sustainability (CSR) Report. In her editorial message contained in the report, Marie-Christine Lombard, CEO of GEODIS, develops her vision for GEODIS: “Resilience, integrated logistics solutions and decarbonization: three strong markers of the Group's transformation”.


CSR report

The report is structured in three parts:

  • The first presents information on the Group's business in 2023, including key figures, the value creation model, acquisitions, innovations, etc.
  • The central section focuses on GEODIS' corporate social responsibility policy, providing details of the Group's environmental, social and ethical actions.
  • The final section summarizes the performance indicators.

The Group has called on the independent firm EY to verify the assertions and data published, guaranteeing both the transparency and reliability of the information.

This report is fully in line with the raison d'être of GEODIS: “Serving people by delivering their goods all around the world with innovative, sustainable and ethical logistics.”

To read the full report click here