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From a start-up to a major Online Marketplace! [Case Study]

GEODIS’ expertise in local logistics markets and multiple logistics processes proved to be instrumental to ensure the marketplace commitment to its customers.

For Online Marketplaces, late daily order cut-off time is king!. 

The success story started with an initial 200 sqm outsourced facility and has grown into a significant multi country network solution supporting main markets locally to maximize the avoidance of cross-border.


This engineered network, built over the time, is currently able to serve reliably and cost-effectively e-commerce orders to 91% of their European customers next day or less than 2 days.

The availability of the desired product, always, everywhere and faster, is what drives GEODIS’ day-to-day logistics process.
And  with a wealth of expertise, capabilities and resources to be deployed to make it possible. Let’s see how !

Customer Challenges


Faster and on-time shipments


The marketplace needs faster and faster order preparation, with availability to serve the next day or alternative  services depending on their customer commitment.


100% stock accuracy and availability


A product out of stock or not available quickly is a lost sale. Strong Warehouse Management Systems capabilities to ensure the traceability of all processes and increased accuracy of demand forecasting is key.


Always ready for strong volumes fluctuations


The peak season lasts between 3 to 6 months with a strong need on additional capacity: 40% of the annual volume of orders must be processed in the last 3 months of the year. The surface required can vary from 1.000 to 40.000 sqm in 6 weeks with warehouse infrastructure, equipment, and labor being scaled up proportionally. 

Implemented Solutions


The later the orders can be prepared to be shipped, the better it is!GEODIS’ solutions are continuously taking advantage of its fine knowledge of the local warehousing and labor market, to set up the pick, pack and ship operations closest to the transportation hubs. 

To make sure orders can be shipped on time every time according to their customers’ requirement, GEODIS models, executes and monitors closely all aspects of the operations with:


  • A large set of hourly and weekly KPIs - Pick accuracy, cut-off times, inventory accuracy, carrier performance etc.


  • Joint planning and demand forecasting, to anticipate timely the correct level of inventory needed for each product within the network.


  • Deploy pop-ups warehouse in a few weeks with thousands of sqm to absorb product launches and promotional events.

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