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IRIS: Digital Freight Management Portal for Air & Ocean

Boost logistics efficiency with IRIS, our advanced freight management tool. It offers 24/7 end-to-end control and full visibility over your global shipping activities.

Level-up your online freight management

IRIS is a single digital platform to manage all your air and ocean freight shipments 24/7.


With just a few clicks, secure competitive online freight shipping quotations, seamlessly turn them into instant bookings, and regularly monitor your cargo's progress.


And the best part is that you will be notified along every step of the way.


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    Instant digital air and ocean freight quotes

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    Online booking and management of shipments

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    Online tracking and end-to-end visibility

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    Freight documents management in one place

Instant digital air and ocean freight quotes

Instant digital air and ocean freight quotes


  • Save time with customizable quotation templates


  • Secure instant shipping quotes


  • Enjoy worldwide access


Covers +50,000 trade lanes

Online booking and management of shipments

Online booking and management of shipments


  • Speed-up shipment processing with booking templates  
  • Manage unlimited shipments, at any time  
  • Additional online freight services: pick-up and delivery, customs, and sustainable fuels  
Online tracking and end-to-end visibility

Online tracking and end-to-end visibility


  • Complete shipping visibility 
  • Stay updated with notifications along every step of the way  
  • Access fully customizable dashboards
Freight documents management in one place

Freight documents management in one place


  • Securely store and access documents 24/7


  • Digitally manage your documents online including commercial invoice, bill of lading and many more.

An innovative freight management portal

Latest freight management tools powered by AI, enable better demand forecasting, route planning, and cargo consolidation, while real-time tracking and monitoring improves shipment visibility. We foresee blockchain technologies enhancing cargo security and traceability. Sustainability efforts will also grow. GEODIS is committed to innovations that shape the future of freight shipping.

Frequently asked questions

IRIS is GEODIS’ digital freight management tool for air and ocean shipments. It allows you to receive instant quotations, manage your bookings, and monitor your shipments from pick-up to delivery 24/7!

Digital freight management involves the usage of advanced technology to enhance international freight shipping. Thanks to the platform’s secure and easy EDI/API integrations, across various databases, you gain access to accurate and timely information that is important to optimizing business decisions. 


With IRIS, our customers, shippers, and suppliers can interact in real-time, while the dashboards offer access to rich data such as shipment information, milestones, and performance reports.

Shippers and carriers can benefit from freight management systems in many ways such as: full shipment visibility with real-time order tracking, better shipping efficiency, cost reduction through easy access to rates and smart routes, improved compliance documentation, and enhanced customer experience. Ultimately, you can enjoy greater convenience, security, and transparency, and faster responses to requests.

Yes, simply create your free account to access IRIS immediately. From there on, you will have direct access to our quotation module. Once you secure the quote and book a freight shipment, you will gain full visibility and access to documentation and reporting.

It is easy to get a shipping quote with GEODIS. Just sign-in to IRIS, go the quotation module, fill in the ‘transport mode requested’, ‘origin’, ‘destination’, and freight details. Then, click on ‘request a quote’ and we will do the rest. You can also save your quotation template so that it becomes easier to request a shipment quote in the future.

If the freight shipping quote suits your needs, you can swiftly book the online shipment through IRIS. 


GEODIS’ origin office will contact you to ensure the shipment details are accurate, and they will arrange for the freight shipment by coordinating with the destination office. 


You will be informed at every step of the way about your shipment. You can also follow the shipping updates directly from your IRIS dashboard.