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GEODIS offers agile & secure logistics across your high-tech product’s life cycle. We also support multi-channel order management & direct delivery to resellers & buyers.

Optimized inventory management via a network of warehouses

Secure handling of goods globally, powered by best-in-class security processes

Delayed product differentiation for better customer satisfaction

Flexible transport capacity

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High-speed logistics for the high tech industry

Gain a competitive edge in the high tech industry. 

Securely & quickly move high-value technology and electronic products, through complex supply chains, with GEODIS. 

Our agile solutions are perfect for all of your high tech logistics operations, from supplying components through Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) to finished goods delivery, & e-waste recycling. 

We also optimize speed-to-market and harness ‘track & trace’ solutions, according to your needs, at every stage of the product life cycle.


Improve the supply chain strategy for high-tech goods

A Tailor-made Logistics Solution

Use our global network of specialized logistics campuses, located near production sites & main consumption areas, with qualified staff & high security standards.

From Advisory Services to Flow Management

Need a new way to optimize your supply chain as it evolves? Our high tech supply chain experts & tools improve supply chain productivity & reduce costs.

Product Life Cycle Management

GEODIS offers assembly, customization, maintenance, and recycling services throughout the life cycle of your high-value high tech products.

Secure End-to-End Network

GEODIS offers end-to-end transport & logistics solutions suited to your high tech product – in terms of value, security, & confidentiality. We areTAPA & TAPA++ certified.

Speed to Market

Faced with faster launches & shorter lifecycles of products? Opt for our flexible transport, automated picking, & high tech warehouse networks, across the supply chain.

Responsible solutions

GEODIS offers the highest quality of products & services in line with its CSR commitments (environment, social & societal, & ethics), across your value chain.

Strike a balance between high tech demand, supply, & efficiency

The high tech market is driven by rapid innovation & short product life cycles, at high unit prices. So, maintaining minimum inventory is key to better supply chain efficiency. Alternately, your goods must reach the market on time, especially during new product launches or strong demand fluctuations.

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"The semiconductor shortage crisis, over the past two years, has amplified the importance of the high tech logistics industry. It has also exposed the underlying risks in the value chain for electronic goods. Securing the flow of these components, essential to the global "green transition", is one of the biggest challenges of today's high tech supply chains."


Thierry Corver, Vice President Vertical Market - High Tech, GEODIS

Frequently asked questions

It's important to have reverse logistics for brands that sell high value goods like consumer electronics, to extend its product lifecycle and comply with regulations. Once returned from the customer via high tech logistics, it can be repaired, reshaped or recycled. Hence, reverse logistics is a critical aspect of the consumer electronics supply chain.

When shipping electronics, you need to be very mindful of the security of the items from theft or damage. Consider purchasing high tech logistics insurance to protect your goods during transit. Also make sure that the goods are transported quickly to avoid stock-out situations, especially when there are peaks in demand during launches or sales.

The cost of high tech logistics varies based on the weight, origin, destination, & type of product. But, on average, you can ship a lightweight device for $50 to $200, while transporting a heavy device will cost $400+. Check with a 3PL like GEODIS, with expertise in consumer electronic logistics, to get better rates on bulk shipping.

Electronic goods can be misplaced, stolen, hacked into, or damaged during transit. You need a third-party high tech logistics partner to secure your high value parcels from any risks as it is transported from origin to customer. GEODIS operates under safety standards such as TAPA & TAPA++. To meet the needs of high value product transport, we also offer tailor-made or fully dedicated solutions such as: TSR level, active monitoring, and last mile.

Since high tech logistics involves the transport and storage of high-value goods, you need to be careful about the SKUs getting stolen or damaged during transit. This is why you need a logistics technology partner that can track the orders in real-time and maintain up to date inventory. 3PL like GEODIS will also take care of customs paperwork, so that your goods do not get stuck at the border. It will also help secure the right transport insurance to cover any product loss or damage before delivery.